Hartnell College Bond Measure – Salinas Taxpayers Association Opposes Measure T (November 2016)

Below are the official primary opposition argument and the official rebuttal opposition argument in the Monterey County Official Voter Guide to Measure T, authorizing the Hartnell Community College District (based in Salinas) to borrow $167,000,000 from investors via bond sales for construction.

Primary Argument Against Measure T (Hartnell College)

Like you, Salinas Taxpayers Association members are local people who want Hartnell College to continue providing an education that improves our personal and professional lives.

But we disagree with this $167,000,000 Measure T plan to spread money around.

We don’t think Hartnell College has proven a need to spend millions of dollars to build new

facilities or expand existing facilities outside of the main Salinas campus, in places such as Soledad, King City, North Monterey County (perhaps in Prunedale), and the Alisal neighborhood.

What’s wrong with one main central campus in Salinas? Is Salinas too remote for people who want a decent, affordable education?

Technology can provide distance education at a fraction of the price of a new building for students who truly can’t get to the main campus.

For hands-on education, people can drive or take public transportation to the main campus in Salinas. That’s why we pay taxes to support transportation projects and public transit.

We also question the plan to expand the nursing program at multiple facilities instead of growing a central training program in Salinas. There is great local demand for nurses and great local

demand to take nursing classes. Is building a campus in Soledad the best way to solve this need?

This $167 million will be BORROWED money that must be paid back to investors, with INTEREST, over many years. Not everyone agrees that the future of Hartnell College should be new and expanded satellite campuses outside of Salinas.

The Salinas Taxpayers Association wants to see Hartnell College ask permission from voters again in 2018 to borrow money, in a smaller amount next time, for facilities at or around the Salinas main campus.

Vote NO on Measure T.

Rebuttal Argument Against Measure T (Hartnell College)

We are part of the community that Harnell College has served for nearly a century.

And we like what it does. We like the growth we’ve seen at the main campus.

But we don’t agree with this vision – paid for by Measure T – to set up and expand satellite campuses in various parts of the county.

Salinas is the largest city in the county. More than 150,000 people live here. There is nothing wrong with coming to the main campus in Salinas for classes.

Our community leaders want to see the City of Salinas and its downtown area grow and prosper. So if we borrow $167,000,000 from bond investors, let’s spend it all on expanding the main central campus.

Let’s see something different on the ballot in 2018. There’s time to think about this.

Vote NO on Measure T.